Behind The Brand

Sarah Hill has loved sharing fashion for more than a decade on social media. She began gaining traction on Instagram styling clients for photoshoots, being a full-time photographer for a local boutique and showcasing those pieces on an average sized body type. Since then, she's gained a steadfast following for her fashion finds via her website blog, LikeToKnowIt, IG, TikTok and email newsletter. Sarah is very passionate about helping women find their confidence and create their own unique style. She has amassed more than 100k followers on social media for her fashion know-how, small business suggestions, marketing tips, and more.

With the Hill x Sarah collection, the clothes are meant to be staples for every woman, mixed and matched to create the ultimate, timeless wardrobe without feeling the need to replenish the items you already have. This is not fast fashion. Whether you're looking for a flattering outfit for the office, your favorite new dress for date night, or to feel confident and stylish while out running errands with your kids. This collection truly does offer something for everyone.

Launching Hill x Sarah has been a lifelong dream of Sarah's and she is ecstatic to see this carefully and very intentionally curated collection come to life. She can’t wait to see you put your own spin on these pieces. Don’t forget to share your favorite looks on social.

A Note From The Founder

"I can't wait to see which items from the collection help you feel your best, most beautiful self in. Creating Hill x Sarah has been a dream of mine for so many years and your support truly means the world to me. Thank you for taking the time to explore these clothes and for trusting me to help you find your new favorite pieces. Happy shopping, friends" xo Sarah

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